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Arco 4-door sideboard

A large sideboard with a modern feel

Arco 4-door sideboard
Arco 4-door sideboard
Arco 4-door sideboard

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Finition Structured oak

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Love distinctive, timeless furniture? Need to save space by neatly storing all (or nearly all) your belongings away? You'll love this ARCO large sideboard with its amazing storage capacity. Its four doors have contrasting thicknesses and wood grain directions. What's more, they provide easy access to all the shelves on the inside. It has a narrow depth so it takes up minimum floor space, especially useful if you intend to use this sideboard in a hallway or living room. With a choice of two natural veneers, its very elegant style means it blends easily into your home whilst providing a high level of practicality.

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1 divider, 2 shelves Particleboard covered in Structured Oak or Vintage Oak effect melamine. Door mouldings and legs: MDF covered with foil in the same finish. Bookcase or decorative module: particleboard covered in terracotta or graphite grey foil. Upright, bookcase arch and back moulding of decorative module made from MDF covered in terracotta or graphite grey foil. 1 mm ABS flat or thick edges in the same finish. Edges on the tops of the sideboards and TV units in two-tone ABS. Black tempered 10mm glass on bookcase, decorative module, wall storage unit with 1 door, coffee table and L.160 TV unit. Drawer frames: panels covered with structured oak or vintage oak foil on hidden, height-adjustable roller runners with soft-close mechanism. Clip-on hinges with detachable soft-close mechanism. Push-to-open system on the doors. Optional lighting for the decorative module and the wall storage unit with 1 door.


Материалы Particleboard
Вес 122 кг
Размеры Длина 205 см * Высота 86 см * Глубина 51 см
Размеры упаковки Упаковка 1: 49 x 14 x 72 cm (17 кг)
Упаковка 2: 52 x 7 x 216 cm (31 кг)
Упаковка 3: 49 x 10 x 212 cm (35 кг)
Упаковка 4: 65 x 5 x 217 cm (39 кг)
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Происхождение : France

Manufacturer : Gautier

Происхождение : France

Гарантия : 10 лет

10 years warranty

The 10 years warranty applies to Gautier furniture.

GAUTIER will resolve, for free, any manufacturing defect which may arise following domestic and indoor use of the product, unless it was a display model.
The warranty is limited to the repair of any parts or furniture deemed faulty or the replacement thereof by a comparable product. Any other service or indemnity is excluded from the guarantee.
In the event that an original part cannot be provided (item out of stock), a compa-rable component or coating will be offered.

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This ARCO large sideboard has been carefully designed. The continuity of the design between the front and the legs adds unbeatable style.

Choose the colour that best matches your home: light or dark, it's up to you.

The ARCO collection takes its inspiration from nature

ARCO furniture is a collection inspired by natural styling to bring you truly unique designs. Traditional yet inventive, this trendy collection will bring a highly aesthetic dimension to your home.

Why will you love our sideboards?

Our sideboards are practical as well as stylish

Our sideboards blend easily into your home. They help you save a lot of room by maximising storage space. With several drawers and shelves, our sideboards are extremely stylish and can be placed in your lounge as well as in your hallway.

Bold designs with the emphasis on modernity

The inventive, immaculate finishes on our sideboards give them a highly unusual look whilst bringing much sought-after chic styling to your home.

Essential storage furniture for your home

Our storage spaces are especially designed to hold all your crockery and table linen. Maximising this hidden space to give your living areas room to breathe is our key aim when designing these pieces.

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Arco 4-door sideboard
56 269,00 ₴
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