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Symphonie bed

A bed with a unique style

Symphonie bed

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Finition Oak

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Love treating yourself to unusual furniture? Inspired by contemporary architecture, this bedroom from the SYMPHONIE collection creates a lightweight feel with its fine, elegant bed surround and bevelled legs. The vertical lines and textured effects on the headboard give it a deconstructed style. With its openwork sections and contrasting shapes, the SYMPHONIE bed is full of character. Combine it with complementary pieces from the same collection to furnish your bedroom in a matching style. Really light and airy, the bedside tables and other storage furniture are subtly raised off the floor.

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Frame and fronts made from particleboard covered with structured natural oak effect melamine. Plain white foil or melamine, white lacquered Edges: flat and rounded or thick 1mm natural oak effect ABS.  flat and rounded white lacquered Mouldings and bed surrounds in fibreboard covered with structured natural oak effect or white foil. Drawer frames in natural structured oak effect foiled fibreboard White fabric Height-adjustable hidden roller runners and soft-close mechanism. All furniture is self-assembly except where marked * (fully assembled with possible exception of handles, floor protectors and castors).


Материалы Particleboard
Вес 73 кг
Размеры Длина 166 см * Высота 112 см * Глубина 200 см
Размеры упаковки Упаковка 1: 33 x 11 x 203 cm (33 кг)
Упаковка 2: 113 x 6 x 116 cm (26 кг)
Упаковка 3: 34 x 8 x 126 cm (14 кг)
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Происхождение : France

Manufacturer : Gautier

Происхождение : France

Гарантия : 10 лет

10 years warranty

The 10 years warranty applies to Gautier furniture.

GAUTIER will resolve, for free, any manufacturing defect which may arise following domestic and indoor use of the product, unless it was a display model.
The warranty is limited to the repair of any parts or furniture deemed faulty or the replacement thereof by a comparable product. Any other service or indemnity is excluded from the guarantee.
In the event that an original part cannot be provided (item out of stock), a compa-rable component or coating will be offered.

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Symphonie optional drawer

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Symphonie bed end storage unit

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Sturdy with vertical lines, the SYMPHONIE bed is really unusual and stylish. Its modern feel particularly shines through the shape of the headboard.

There is a choice of two finishes to create two completely different looks: our advisers will help you make the right choice.

The SYMPHONIE bedroom is ideal for fans of designer furniture.

The lines and shapes of this collection bring a uniquely elegant feel to your home. As well as its light and airy feel, this furniture boasts a textured design and is visually striking. Show off your taste for modern furniture and your sense of style with the SYMPHONIE collection.

Why will you love our beds?

Hygienic, comfortable beds

You can rely on our contemporary carpentry expertise! Our beds are perfectly designed to meet all your requirements in terms of sturdiness and comfort. Our beds set the tone and effortlessly create that stylish, restful feel you would expect from a bedroom.

A piece of furniture that plays a central role in a bedroom's decor

Our unique attention to detail extends right down to the smallest trims. Comfortably snuggled under your duvet, you'll appreciate the stylish look of our beds which are traditional as well as contemporary.

Practical beds to make life easier

The optional parts to add to our beds mean you can let your imagination run wild to create a simple room with a light, airy feel that's perfect for a great night's sleep. Try to maximise all your available space by choosing drawers to slide underneath your beds.

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Our in-store advisors will help you create the room that suits you

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Symphonie bed
50 176,00 ₴
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